Costs for the proposed new water/sewer facility continue to rise!  Not only the proposed project is not affordable for most residents, the project has grown unreasonably large and complex for Morro Bay’s expected population by the year 2040 of 12K residents.
Our rates were increased in 2015 to build a $75M sewer.  Now the City wants to raise rates again to build a $167M project, whereby our now current water/sewer rates could more than double, and our rents could go up!
By California law (Prop 218) we have the right to oppose the increases!  If we do not oppose the increases in writing, our silence is considered an approval of the increases.
Morro Bay’s existing sewer plant continues to be in good compliance with local, State and Federal regulatory agencies (EPA).  In fact, we have fewer violations per year than the majority other plants in the State with having received four violations over the past ten years.  The City and Staff who operate the plant at this high standard, have a lot to be proud of for their efforts through the years.
Since the existing plant is compliant, why does the City want to build a new plant?  The reasons (in part) are City goals to treat our water to a higher level and be water independent and the Water Quality Control Board’s goals to treat our water to a higher level of purification.
A new plant providing reclaimed (recycled) water is also a driving force, but there is no market in Morro Bay and the surrounding agricultural areas for recycled water.