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Thoughts about Sewer/Water rate increases!

We asked you to vote "no" again! For over a year, CAL had been following the City's guidelines on how-to-vote-no on Prop 218.  However, CC Special Meeting of June 13, 2018, MB City implemented a changed process for protesting proposed water/sewer rate increases, and mailed out their specific ballot to property owners and ratepayers. CAL thanks ALL… Continue reading Thoughts about Sewer/Water rate increases!

About Citizens for Affordable Living MB

Citizens for Affordable Living (CAL) is a grassroots, general purpose committee registered with the Fair Political Practices Commission (#1396018) in Sacramento. Our mission is to maintain affordable coastal living in Morro Bay. Our current focus is to stop the proposed $167,000,000 sewer project.  In 2015 our water and sewer rates were increased to build a… Continue reading About Citizens for Affordable Living MB