MBCC Regular Meeting - WEDNESDAY, February 13, 2019 @ Veterans Memorial Hall @ 6:00 P.M. (NOT Tuesday!) BUSINESS ITEM C-1: Public Works recommends that CC approve the new WRF conveyance pipeline alignment and pump station without the necessary WRFCAC review nor any citizen/public input. BRING your concerns to Wednesday's CC Public Comment about Item… Continue reading IMPORTANT EVENTS!


PUBLISHED DECEMBER 6 - DECEMBER 19, 2018 -- BAY NEWS | Written Edition | Letter (Page 18) Letter To Morro Bay Supporters PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 22, 2018 -- BAY NEWS | Written Edition | Opinion City Can Blame Itself For Legal Quagmire Printed Edition (P. 26)   Electronic Edition (P. 42) PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 22, 2018 -- NEW TIMES | Opinion | Commentaries Morro Bay's… Continue reading LOCAL NEWS

Thoughts about Sewer/Water rate increases!

We asked you to vote "no" again! For over a year, CAL had been following the City's guidelines on how-to-vote-no on Prop 218.  However, CC Special Meeting of June 13, 2018, MB City implemented a changed process for protesting proposed water/sewer rate increases, and mailed out their specific ballot to property owners and ratepayers. CAL thanks ALL… Continue reading Thoughts about Sewer/Water rate increases!